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Stuff I'd like to get at Disney

So, I got to thinking yesterday, about the various stuff I'd like to buy when Jen and I go to Disney this October. So, without further ado...

  1. A really nice keychain. I'd prefer silver. Something like this would be great.
  2. A good quality hooded sweatshirt. I'm not sure if I want a pull-over or a zip-up, but I think I'm leaning towards the former. Big, baggy, extra-soft and ultra-comfortable. Maybe with Eeyore, or the old b&w Mickey Mouse. (no school like the old school)
  3. I'd love to get some nice glasses and a cool set of dishes. Kindof a random thing to get at Disneyworld I know, but I think they'd be really special, and the World Showcase at Epcot would likely have some really cool stuff to choose from.
  4. A Turkey Leg at Magic Kingdom, and a Sweet Pretzel at Norway in Epcot. I know these really aren't souvenirs, per se, but I would die a little inside if I didn't get them while I was there.
  5. One of those mickey ears thingies you put on top of your car's radio antenna would be really neat, though not hugely vital.
  6. A queen-size blanket made out of sweatshirt material. This would last forever and I can envision many a night curled up with jen on the couch with it. mmm... nice mental image.
  7. A cool mousepad for my computer. Also kindof random, but it's something I see rather a lot each and every day, so this would be a pretty neat souvenir.
  8. A nice beer glass from Germany in Epcot.
  9. A Disney-themed bath sheet would be really cool, though I've no idea if this is even available.
  10. Other stuff I can't think of at the moment.